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5 Senior citizens who will put your health routine to shame

Posted on 25/05/16 11:59 AM
senior citizen

It’s Senior Health Day and we bring you five senior citizen superstars. They are healthy, strong and truly rocking the golden years of their life. So let’s get inspired!

1. Dr. Charles Eugster

How often do we hear of a hail and hearty 95-year old Oarsman, Athlete and Body Builder? Meet Dr. Charles, multiple record-holder in many sports. To this day, he continues to improve his health and body. Throw him a challenge and he will embrace it!

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2. Milkha Singh

Milkha Singh, also known as The Flying Sikh is the only Indian athlete to have won a gold medal in the Commonwealth Games held in 2010. Dedicated and disciplined, Milkha Singh is one of the fittest athletes of India, who participates in marathons and also trains several marathon runners. He is the perfect example of a senior citizen superstar!


3. Andrea Scahling

With the physique of a superhero, Andrea Scahling doesn’t fail to surprise us even at the age of 60. He is fit as a fiddle and a competitive body-builder who has won a series of contests and championships and continues to write articles on nutrition and health. Scahling trains regularly, giving all us youngsters a run for our money.


4. Fauja Singh

Turbaned Tornado, Running Baba and Sikh Superman, all refer to the one and only, Fauja Singh; a 105 year old man from East Londong. A well-known marathoner, Fauja Singh holds the world record in running for his age bracket. At the London Marathon in 2003, he was reported to be at his fastest, completing the marathon in 7 hours and 45 minutes! Care to take a page out of his book?


5. Sensei Steve Costello

A 72-year-old grandfather of 11 from Bolton, England has been teaching Karate in Brazil for 20 years. After gaining training from UK’s top martial arts instructor, Steve Costello, now has turned his experience to self-defense training. This karate champion now trains Brazil Special Forces. He is a man of immense grit and determination and a true inspiration to many! Wouldn’t you like to follow his footsteps?


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