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5 Healthy Snack Hacks You Had No Idea Were So Easy

Posted on 31/08/16 3:42 PM

You can be healthy without sacrificing happiness. Yes. It’s quite possible! It’s festival season again, and we are all dreading the ghee loaded modaks and sinful mithais that will be making their way to our plate, and eventually, waistline. But there is a way you can enjoy the festivities while snacking the healthy and yet indulgent way! Don’t believe us? Here is what we have in store for you-

Spiced popcorn

It’s healthy, it’s easy, it’s yummy! All you need is a pack of popcorn, and some oregano spice blend to get this going!



Fresh Fruit Mixed Salad

Replace the dried fruit with fresh grapes, berries, and/or cherries to make it lower in carbs and fresher. Lovely, isn’t it?



Chocolate coconut oat balls

All you need is oats, flour, butter, vanilla, water and coconut. Combine the ingredients, mix them into a dough, refrigerate, and you are done!



Roasted Chickpea

Use Gaia’s roasted gram flakes to make a spicy chatpata  chanaa chaat. With some squeezed lime, freshly chopped onions, coriander and a pinch of salt, you healthy festive munchies are ready in a jiffy!



Dark Chocolate

Yes, dark chocolate is healthy! Did you know it is a great source of magnesium? A small dose is in fact recommended daily. So worry not, go get yourself that bar of dark chocolate and allow yourself some healthy indulgence.



Do you have some fun, quick and healthy recipes to share with us too? We’d love to hear from you!




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