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10 things you regret giving up

Posted on 2/05/16 4:44 PM
Things to regret giving up


1. My 6 AM yoga class

Yes, it was a task waking up every morning but at least i could touch my toes!


2.Weekend dinners with the family

Yes, we have a family whatsapp group but a picture of mum’s homemade rajma doesn’t fill me up


3. 30 minute cycling regime

I can’t climb up a flight of stairs without panting but i do get a head start in traffic

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4. Breakfast

I’m not grumpy, I’m just constantly low on energy thanks to giving up breakfast and running on coffee


5. Walking my dog

Now my dog lights up every time he sees the dog-walker I hired

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6. Skyping with my best friend

I know my clients schedules by heart, but I have no idea what my best friend is up to

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7. Eating on time

I love to I eat whenever I want but I hate to I feel gaseous in the middle of a conference

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8. My singing class

I could have been on Indian Idol by now but hey, at least I developed my ppt skills

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9. My Euro trip

I didn’t get to see Europe but I did get to see the interiors of my Delhi branch office for 2 weeks

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10. My new year’s resolutions

With the new year came the new tidal wave of work, so who had time for resolutions like fitness and making time for family and friends?

Keeping up with the stress of today, at work or at home, may be hard. But how many sacrifices are too many? It only takes a little will-power and effort to change your lifestyle for the better. You can do it all without sacrificing your health and happiness.

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