Gaia Gift Pack Combo

Category: Gift Packs

Festivals are all about celebrating and rejoicing with our loved ones. These are the times when we exchange gifts and make our loved ones feel even more special. Gaia brings you an attractive celebration pack that is the perfect and healthier gifting option. These days when everyone is concerned about their health and avoids sweets & carbonated beverages for fear of adulteration, diabetes, obesity etc, Gaia Celebration Pack with health goodies promotes good health & longevity.

Gaia Celebration Pack contains one pack each of Gaia Crunchy Muesli Fruit & Nut (425gm), Gaia Oatmeal Cookies (200gm), Gaia Multi-grain Cookies (200gm), Gaia Green Tea Assorted (25 tea bags) and four Gaia Granola Bars (30gm each)

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Weight: 5X1
Price: Rs. 520/- Rs. /- Rs. /- Rs. /-
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