Top 10 Dreaded Foods and their Easy-to-Make Healthy Alternatives!
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You always promise yourself that it’s time for you to get in shape and get healthy. We know how difficult it is to let go of your favorite foods. So, we have made a list of the top 10 dreaded foods and how to overcome the craving by choosing healthier ingredients. Take a look:


#1 Ice cream cravings keeping you up at night?

With high amounts of fat content, it’s no wonder that ice cream has made it on our Top 10 dreaded food list! Take the healthy alternative, and make flavored yogurt your new best friend. Containing a higher nutritional value, it certainly won’t let you miss your nightly scoop!


#2 Nachos – friend or enemy?

Don’t fret! We won’t let you give up nachos. A simple switch from fried to baked, and corn to wheat, will make it a whole lot healthier. Take off some cheese, and add some salsa, and you’re good to go.


#3 Who can say no to a pizza?

Despite the abundant unhealthy tags to it, pizza can be resurrected from the list of Top 10 dreaded foods. Substitute the white-flour dough for whole-wheat, add extra protein and fiber to your delicious pizza. Top it off with some feta cheese, and protect your favorite foods from the blacklist!


#4 Need to satisfy your chip fix?

Keep that junk out of the trunk, because we have a healthier, tastier version of potato chips for you. Olive oil glazed, herb and garlic infused, roasted potatoes. Doesn’t that sound great? So, go ahead and savor the healthiest potato chip you ever ate.


#5 Too hard to refuse a cheesy pasta?

Cut loose the carbs and substitute white-flour pasta with whole-wheat pasta. Stir in some beautiful whole-wheat pasta with fresh tomatoes, fragrant basil and clumps of feta cheese, and you have yourself a delectable healthy dish!


#6 Can’t start your day without cereal

Do away with sugary, fattening breakfast cereals. Try a healthy muesli instead, topped with healthy nuts and dried fruits!


#7 The dreaded burger!

Make a resolution you can stick to. Give up fattening, cholesterol heavy burgers, and use well-seasoned soya chunks for the patty. A little olive oil and whole grain buns are sure to go a long way!


#8 Popcorn cravings during movies?

Watching a movie without corn just doesn’t fit. But, you need not worry. Do away with unhealthy, processed popcorn, and grab a cup of juicy boiled corn. Top it off with some spices, and enjoy your movie experience!


#9 Need a cookie after dinner?

Bake yourself a delicious tray of oatmeal cookies, and let go of your everyday chocolate chip ones. With higher nutrition content and lower fat content, oatmeal cookies are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth!


#10 Craving a thick, creamy milkshake?

Substitute your 4 p.m. milkshake with a delicious, healthy fruit smoothie. With a high fiber content, fruit smoothies are great to satisfy your craving, as well as provide you with all the nutrients of fruits.

So, you don’t need to give up your favorite dishes, because there is always a healthy way out!