Simple Swaps
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Making a change in lifestyle is usually very difficult to do. A simple swap is all you need to shed those few kilos you keep promising yourself. Incorporating these activities can help you choose health on a daily basis.

    1. Long office hours adding to your weight problem?

Our number one simple swap is standing up instead of sitting down. Stack up a few books, and work while standing. Take a stand, and lose those 5 kilos you promise yourself!

    1. Morning jogs becoming more and more difficult?

Swap your impossible morning jog with a longer morning walk. Decreasing risk of injuries, running for short distances can easily be interchanged with walking for longer distances. Stick to the health regime you planned for yourself.

    1. Eat it, don’t drink it.

If juices have been a part of your diet in the attempt to being healthy, it’s time to let them go. Protecting the fibre, take the healthier option and eat whole fruits!

    1. Buy local, be organic.

Break away from chemically induced produce, and take a trip to the farmers market whenever you can. Organically produced fruits and vegetables are more nutritious and healthy.

    1. Dress it up simply.

Do away with packed salad dressings and stick to a ‘less-is-more’ Extra Virgin Olive Oil or balsamic vinegar dressing.

    1. Cinnamon instead of sugar?

Till you try it you will never know. Substitute your daily intake of sugar with sweet, fragrant and healthy cinnamon!

    1. Need to satisfy your sweet tooth?

Don’t worry, we’re not talking about artificial flavours. Put in some grapes in the freezer, and in a few hours you have yourself delicious, healthy, bite-sized popsicles!