Re-Charge your Mind
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How to rev up your mental energy with 7 easy steps
By Sanjay Salooja


You’re eating the right meals. You’re exercising. You’re happy. You’re healthy. But something’s not quite right. You’re still feeling low and listless. Happens, doesn’t it? You’re just like all those millions of women and men who experience ebbing mental energy. This mental energy, or the lack of it, isn’t measurable in a technical sense, but you always know when you have it – or when it’s missing. It’s what makes you bound out of bed and want to do fifty things all at the same time – or makes you want to pull the covers over your head and not have to wake up to a day of chores, tasks and demanding people. Sure, we’ve all been there. But is there something you can do about it? There is, actually.


Do a mental energy audit: It works like financial currency. You can’t keep withdrawing money from your bank account without putting some back in, right? Find out if you’re running at a deficit. Have you used up all your mental energy to perform exacting tasks and to take on major emotional or psychological burdens? Have you done anything to replenish the bank? Doing the audit lets you take action before your spirit declares mental energy bankruptcy.


See what works for you: Some easy physical ways to lift your spirits – depositing mental energy in the account for future use – could include: taking a nature walk, playing an instrument, listening to music, playing with your pet, eating your favorite fruits or drinking coffee, going for a relaxing massage, watching your favorite TV show or taking a long luxurious bath.


Recharge the mind: The way to get your mind performing at top gear is not to let it rust. Try mental activities such as: learning a new skill, reading a ‘difficult’ book or article, solving quizzes, Sudoku, puzzles etc. If you are someone with a sense of purpose beyond the needs of the self and want to pursue them with passion? Yoga, meditation or chanting could send your spirits soaring.


Reinvest in your emotions: Make the emotional side of you get some joy out of how you are spending your time. Don’t focus only on the utilitarian. Some emotional activities that could boost your energy are: vacations, spending time with those you really care for, going out for occasional dinners and lunches with close friends and bonding with people.


Clear your space: Banish the clutter around you. A mess can dramatically darken your mood and mental energy without your even being aware of it. Your mind is constantly filtering and processing tasks and information, and clutter makes your mind work harder and depletes its processing power. This can manifest itself as tiredness. Clear not only what is visible to the eye but also what’s in the closet and the drawers.


Regulate energy cycles: Try to figure out how long at a stretch you can perform tasks that require mental concentration and application. Some can do it for 60 minutes, others can go twice as long. Find your limits, and then split and manage your tasks so that you don’t cross the limit. Also, if there are particular times of the day or night that you feel more energetic, schedule your strenuous tasks for those periods.


Change your Physiology: One of the simplest ways to increase your physical energy is to alter your physiology. Simple things like standing straight, touching your toes, lifting your shoulders, or lying down in silence can alter your mood. Do these for about 100 seconds during the day by about 7 pm and see the results. You will be perky well after you finish the last story your child wants you to read to her before she goes to sleep.