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Full Immunity Pack

Healthy Super Saver Combos



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About this item


400 gm


Amla Capsules
Spirulina Capsules
Multivitamins Tablets
Gaia Green Tea Ginger

Storage info

Store all the products in a cool, dry place
Keep these products away from moisture and direct sunlight

Direction of Usage

  • Have one tablet of supplement every morning
  • Enjoy a sip of Gaia Green Tea – Ginger for a refreshed morning
  • This makes a perfect addition to your breakfast
  • There you go with enjoying a healthy, delicious, and refreshing morning

Full Immunity Pack

What do you think immunity is? By definition, it is a process of strengthening your body’s natural defense system that provides protection against various diseases and infections. So, how does this happen? You either have an innate immune system, the immunity you are born with. Or else you have to develop your immunity through natural food options, including fruits, vegetables, dairy products, cereals, and non-vegetarian products. These provide an abundance of antioxidants to your body that works to strengthen your body in a way to develop resistance against illness. But think wisely and learn, how much time are you able to extract for yourself in this fast pacing competitive era. And if you fail to shed out that ‘Me’ time, you lose yourself to your health. That’s where handy, travel-ready, and convenient immunity packs come to your salvation. That’s what Gaia Full Immunity Pack provides you, a complete pack of essential supplements comprising of amla capsules, spirulina capsules, multivitamins tablets, and ginger green tea. With the goodness of the best botanical plants protecting your day from start to end, the Full Immunity Pack is your way to good health even when you are running the rat race.

Key Features & Benefits


Helps boost immunity of your body


Makes your body stronger to fight diseases and infections


Helps improve metabolism and supports weight loss


Has antifungal, antibacterial, and antibacterial properties

Out of stock

frequently asked questions

What does Gaia Full Immunity Pack contains?

Gaia Full Immunity Pack with a perfect fusion of nature and science contains a thoughtful combination of amla capsules, spirulina capsules, multivitamins tablets, and green tea ginger. These products collaboratively work to boost the immune system.

Why choose Gaia Full Immunity Pack?

Gaia Full Immunity Pack is a combination of supplements that support your immune health. All the products are organically processed and are free from artificial colors, artificial flavors, synthetic sweeteners, and preservatives.

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