You Know You’re In A Good Relationship with Food When…

ood Food

1) You’re always energetic

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2) You look forward to your green tea

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3) You can’t stop talking about how healthy they make you

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4) Even after a while you are convinced it was the best decision to make the healthy switch


5) Date night with your Soup & Salad is the best night of the week


6) Your friends and family can’t help notice that you’re glowing with happiness


7) You can’t wait to be reunited with your cup of Jasmine Green Tea after a long day’s work

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8) And in the end you just can’t imagine what life would be without it

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So, break up with bad habits, don’t tolerate junk food & don’t just give in to temptation.
A balanced diet is so much better than a bunch of cheat days!

Gear up this valentine’s day to love the food that puts your body, mind and soul in a good place.

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